One-stop Livestock Panel Fencing

Anping Xingyou Wiremesh Manufacturers Co., Ltd has been searching for the goal - best selection and reasonable price for any customer. Since the foundation in 2000, our company has been manufacturing livestock panels widely used in ranch & farm. To serve clients conveniently, panel fencing and related accessories are supplied. This will save a lot of your precious time.

What do we supply?

We are a professional manufacturer of wire panel fencing - cattle panel, hog panel, horse panel, bull panel, utility panel and dog kennel panels. Different animals have different panel fencing because animals have different body size and strength. At the same time, there are many spacing configurations to suit for the animals. Generally speaking, the horizontal wire spacing is getting longer from the bottom to the top. Shorter spacing below prevents the animal escape.

Cattle Panels Versatile Purposes in livestock or residence area
Livestock Panels can be painted with colorful PVC coating

How can we service you?

  • One-stop Service: We provide package service and you can find the whole set of livestock panel products.
  • High Quality: No burrs existed, which may result in bleeding. Thick zinc coating or PVC coating does good job in anti-corrosion.
  • Reasonable Price: You may think high quality means high price. However, we would like solid and long-term cooperation. So our price is the most reasonable of the same quality.

What else applications can be used?

Wire panels are versatile and they can be found in many places. Their multiple functions will give you a big surprise. Trellis, greenhouse, deck railing, shelter, chicken tractor or decorative fencing are their popular uses. For example, you may want to plant tomatoes in your backyard. Cattle panel trellis will help you a lot. It can support the plant getting more sunlight and the tomatoes will not got rotten without contacting with the earth.

Livestock panels are packaged on pallet

We deeply know that without client support our company can't have development and all our staff can't have good life. Choose us you will get what you want.

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