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Xingyou Brand Cattle Panels – Genuine Goods Reasonable Price

Anping Xingyou Wiremesh Manufacturers Co., Ltd, founded in 2000, has grown up as an important exporter step by step. Initially, our company is a kind of small private enterprise. With the fast development of domestic economy, the company has been getting stronger and start to export. Whatever domestic or overseas market, all the stuff hold one opinion – honesty is our promise and never let you down.

Our company has been focus on manufacturing welded wire panels and corral panels since its foundation. Maybe you think this is very easy job. Yes, if you don't want to make it better. The goal we are always purchasing is to build a safe house for the lovely animals. There are a lot of kinds of livestock panels such as cattle panels, hog panels, dog kennel panels, sheep panels & utility panels. These panels are separately designed for different animals according to their own different habits and motions. For example, bull is a kind of irate and strong animal and common panel will not support its huge strength. Hence, especially heavy duty wire rods are used to keep the bulls in the pen.

Cattle panels or other livestock panels are versatile and can be found in many other places. Thanks to its economy cost and anti-corrosion, it can be used as the building materials of greenhouse, trellis, deck railing and chicken tractor. Whatever uses, our wire panels will give you surprise and you will be happen when you see the changes.

The whole manufacturing process of PVC coating cattle panels

Livestock panels are manufactured with several specifications to suit your own applications. However, the size we provide may be not you want. So we supply special size according to your requirements. Advise us before giving an order.