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Feedlot panels with Multiple Purposes

Feedlot panels (or livestock panels) are usually used to keep your livestock like goat in and predators out. 4 gauge wire or 1/4" rod can support the impact from the animals when they run against. Feedlot panel fencing is easy to split the large pen into different small pens. Our livestock panels are carefully checked to make sure burrs or punctures don't exist. Goat, sheep, hog or other livestock can be penned in the feedlot panel corral.

Besides corral applications, feedlot panel is also found in other applications. Deck railing, trellis, greenhouse, shelter and chicken tractors are other frequent uses.

Feedlot hog panel welded to steel pipe frame making a simple hog enclosure

Feedlot hog panel is idea for making a hog enclosure. Although wire panel is lightweight, it is strong and cost less money and time.

There are two kinds of surface treatments - galvanized and PVC coated. Galvanized surface is effectively resist corrosion. PVC coating does better job in anti-corrosion but also adds an attractive view to the view. White, black and green are popular colors.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple purposes like livestock pens or deck railing.
  • Portable and handy.
  • No rust even through years.
  • Temporary or permanent applications.
  • Economy & effectiveness.
  • PVC coating for any color.

Products description:

  • Wire gauge: 4 or 1/4" rod.
  • Height: 48 inch.
  • Length: 16 feet.
  • Spacing: 4"×4" or combined.
  • Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanized or PVC coated.
  • Package: 50 pcs.
Black PVC coated feedlot panel fence between buildings

Black PVC coated feedlot cattle panel combined with steel frame is a kind of barrier whose installation is much quicker and allows light in.

White PVC coated feedlot panel fencing

White PVC coated feedlot panel fencing adds an attractive element to the landscape.

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