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Sheep & Goat Panels Cost Less But Effective

A white goat is eating hay near the panel fence

Sheep and goat panel fence has different vertical spacing to block the livestock in certain area safely and effectively.

Need solid & safe pens for sheep and goats? Or a premier wire fence hold in the livestock in the specific place? Our Eagle Brand welded sheep & goat panels will solve all your problems in the busy farm or ranch. The panel fence is designed with different horizontal wire spacing from the bottom to the top, which effectively prevents the livestock escaping from the fence. The general length is 16 ft. and the general height is 52 inches. Livestock panel height can be customized according to your request.

Product description:

  • Wire gauge: 4.
  • Panel length: 16 feet.
  • Panel height: 34, 52 & 60 inches.
  • Horizontal lines: 11 to 16.
  • Vertical spacing: see the table below.
  • Horizontal spacing: 8 or 4 inch.
  • Finish: galvanization before welding or powder coated.
  • Package: 50 panels/bundle.

Note: If powder coating, please tell us the color of the coating. Black or green is popular.

Sheep & Goat Panels
Item No. Gauge Length (ft.) Height (in.) Horizontal Lines Vertical Wire Spacing Horizontal Wire Spacing Panels per Bundle (pcs)
SGP001 4 16 52 13 8" 3-2", 4-4", 5-6" 50
SGP002 4 16 52 14 8" 5-2", 3-4", 5-6" 50
SGP003 4 16 42 11 8" 4-3", 2-4", 2-5", 2-6" 50
SGP004 4 16 34 11 8" 5-2", 3-4", 2-6" 50
SGP005 4 16 60 16 4" 4" 50

NOTE: Horizontal wire spacing is from the bottom to the top. Special spacing is customized on request.

A horse is eating hay through sheep wire panel bale feeder

Sheep & goat panel can be used to make horse bale feeder. The feeder is simple and easy to set up.

Galvanized sheep and goat panels separate the areas in an easy way.

Sheep & Goat Panels are capable of separating the livestock in the ranch.

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