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Hog Panels Gives Your Hog A Clean & Safe Enclosure

Welded hog panels are manufactured by 4 gauge galvanized wire which are strong enough to protect the panel fence from breaking or collapsing by the angry livestock like hogs. Livestock panels are designed to make a safe place or divide the livestock from the surroundings. Our hog wire panels will be your ideal choice. It is galvanized before welding to reduce burr which may hurt the animal. Thicker zinc coating than common ones are very effective in extending the durability. Different vertical spacing from the bottom to the top is good for ensuring the animal's health and safety.

Applications: Ideal for pens, corrals, feedlots and arenas. Also used in temporary pens, stall dividers, chicken tractor, trellis and hay stack protection.

A white hog behind the hog panel fence is looking outside

Hog Wire Panel Fence with narrower vertical spacing at the bottom and wider spacing at the top.

Product description:

  • Wire thickness: 4 gauge & 1/4" rod.
  • Panel length: 16 feet.
  • Panel height: 34 inch.
  • Lines: 11.
  • Spacing: see the table below.
  • Finish: galvanized before welding.
  • Package: 50 pcs/bundle.

Benefits & Features:

  • 16 ft. welded wire panel is easy for installing and handling.
  • Galvanization before welding for smooth surface and no-burr.
  • Thick zinc coating strengthen the durability.
  • Multiple-use.
  • Different spacing for different animals.
  • Economy cost.
Hog Panels specification
Item Wire Gauge Length (ft.) Height (in.) Vertical Wire Spacing (in.) Horizontal wire Spacing (in.) Panels per Bundle (pcs)
HGP001 4 gauge 16 48 4 4 50
HGP002 4 gauge 16 34 8 4×2", 2×3", 1×4", 2×5", 1×6" 50
HGP003 1/4" rod 16 48 4 4 50
HGP004 1/4" rod 16 34 8 4×2", 2×3", 1×4", 2×5", 1×6" 50

Note: Horizontal wire spacing is from bottom to top. Other specifications are available on special order.

White hog panel as garden deck railing mesh

White PVC coated hog panel can be used as deck railing with wood frame.

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